The Brand

D&G MACHINERY was established in 1999.  It is a professional manufacturer and service provider of full range high-end asphalt mixing plant and eco-friendly asphalt recycling plant.  D&G MACHINERY has production facility located in Langfang, and a R&D center in Beijing.  Today, D&G MACHINERY has over 150,000 m³ factory space with production capacity of over 70 sets/year of asphalt mixing plant.

A Pioneer in the Asphalt Industry

D&G MACHINERY positions as an innovative enterprise, focusing on technological innovation and R&D.  The brand always adheres to the idea of striving for advanced technology ahead of the crowds.  D&G MACHINERY is a pioneer in the development of advanced 320t/h asphalt batching plants – DG4000.  It promotes technological innovation and improvement of asphalt mixing plant and build up its high-end reputation – “ D&G MACHINERY ”.  Up to now, approximate 70% of D&G asphalt mixing plants sold were DG3000 (240h/h), DG4000 (320t/h) and DG5000 (400t/h). D&G Machinery plants have been contributing in many major highway projects worldwide.  DG5000 (400t/h) is the market leader among the same model class and range in China market.

Distributing Worldwide

D&G MACHINERY is widely recognized by customers as the leading professional manufacturer in the industry. In recent years D&G MACHINERY has successfully entered the international market.  Over 70 sets of asphalt mixing plants have been exported to cities overseas, i.e. Australia, Russia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Kenya, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia etc.  D&G MACHINERY continues to pursue outstanding performance and achivement in asphalt mixing plant industry.

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